Up until this point, the only thing I’ve truly been afraid of in my life is mathematics and physics. I dropped out of high school physics and struggled immensely with math. Anything within the realm of equations, variables, and symbols, are an immediate trigger.

In May when I left for this trip, the Quantum Computing course I had been working on at MIT was in full swing. I was editing a video explaining Einsteins theory ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ and was instantly curious to learn more. The idea is that two particles can become entangled in a way that they can be affected simultaneously despite being physically separated. This could be a distance of nanometers or light-years.

I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t have a choice on the subject of the course I was editing or the continual exposure to the content. Maybe I was just ready to see physics through a new lens, or something simply inexplicable outside of my realm of understanding, but the timing in conjunction with this trip felt cosmic. The signs were appearing everywhere—-a podcast I listen to featured a physicist as a guest on the show, the book I bought on a whim reading were unknowingly largely relating to the philosophical aspects of physics which I became deeply fascinated by.