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Baba's paperwork


Kam'yanytsa (Кам'яниця in Cyrillic) is located in the extreme southwestern corner of Ukraine.  It is less than 10 Km (~6 miles) from the Slovak border. The closest large city is Uzhgorod, which is about 8 miles to the south west of Kam'yanytsa.  The area is part of the Zakarpattia Oblast. Zakarpattia translates to "Sub Carpathian", while an "Oblast" is the geographic equivalent of a US State.

When Baba was in Kam'yanytsa, the region was part of Czechoslovakia.  Slovak was the official language in the region at the time, but there were also large Hungarian and Ukrainian language populations.  The dialect of Slovak in this region transitions to Polish, and is much more similar to Polish when compared to Czech.

After Baba left, the area was occupied by Germany during World War II.  In 1944, the Soviet Army liberated the area and it was incorporated into the Soviet Union. After World War II, it was no longer a part of Czechoslovakia and permanently annexed into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Historically, from 895 to 1919, Kam'yanytsa was at the very edge of the Hungarian kingdom.  The area was right on the edge where the Kingdom of Hungary and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth met, and Poland had a very influential impact on the region for hundreds of years.  After World War I, the area was ceded to Czechoslovakia. The area was then occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II. In 1944, the Soviets came into the area and Kam'yanytsa was incorporated into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which was part of the Soviet Union.

Entering Kam'yanytsya

Entering Kam'yanytsya


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