MIT Case Study Initiative

I have worked as Video Producer & Editor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s STL Lab Case Study Initiative team supporting the conceptualization of multimedia components for 3 cases taking place in South Florida, Mexico City, and Malaysia. I acted as lead on the production of all video, photography, and animation for each case. (see selected works below with role definitions).

The goal of this initiative is to inspire social responsibility among entrepreneurs and academics in architecture, planning, and real estate by humanizing traditional paper-based case studies for students. Watch a short video with more information on the initiative here.


Case View

Selected views of media within MIT South Florida Case Study



Selected photos from production trips to South Florida & Mexico City



Selected videos



The Neighborhood

Runtime: 2:25
Role: Shot all video on location. Editing and post-production.

This video was used to contextualize the neighborhood surrounding the abandoned golf course property that was the focus of the South Florida case. The goal of the video was to give an on-the-ground feel to the neighborhood, while challenging traditional expectations of media engagement and consumption.



Runtime: 3:20
Role: Coordinated interviews. Production, lighting, and sound. Shot all video on location. Editing and post-production.

This video sets up the problems with CETRAMs and explores both existing and modernized CETRAMs through footage shot on-location, driven by interviews with key stakeholders.


Ambient Background Video Reel

Runtime: 30 seconds

Samples of video captured during production used as ambient backgrounds for case sections and text.



Selected Animations built in After Effects


Animation Reel

Runtime: 1:07

Animations 1+ 2 from South Florida Case
Role: Animator.

Animation 3 from Malaysia Case
Role: Animator. Color selection.