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After graduation, I started working a corporate creative job. The lack of fulfillment I felt and often sedentary aspect of cubicle lifestyle is a direction I never imagined my life taking. It made me realize how much I missed learning and left me questioning how to allow who I am to not be defined by my job. I had never ridden a motorcycle or operated a manual transmission before. 

Documenting this new aspect of my life helps me to realize the relativity of perspective: how something that I initially saw negatively affecting my life to actually allow me to support the activity that brings me the most immense amount of happiness and freedom. It makes going to work every day a lot less painful. I hope to inspire people to find mechanics accessible & rewarding. I like how tactile it is for me at a time when most other aspects of my life take form digitally.  

Riding and working on bikes allows me to experience living in the present and let go of looking to the past and future. It has brought me to previously unknown places and unfamiliar people: each one more amazing and different than the last.



Paige (b. 1989) was raised in Reisterstown, Maryland and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Her interest in photography began at the age of six with a polaroid camera she received from her grandparents. The framework of Mazurek's approach to photography was influenced by her education at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts University, where she earned a BFA in 2011. Predominately inspired by lush landscapes within the natural world, Mazurek's photographs encapsulate the discovery of beauty within the everyday. Her work has been exhibited in the US and abroad, and she has received various awards across mediums including film, sculpture, and photography. Paige enjoys spending time as a junior mechanic, rebuilding old motorcycles that further accelerate her adventures.


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